Today’s logistics real estate market demands buildings with a modern and functional design based not only on architectural quality but also on energy efficiency. To meet this challenge, Green Logistics by Aquila Group offers an optimal solution to achieve both criteria, drawing on its considerable technical know-how and experience in sustainable assets management.

Aquila Group has the mission to become one of the worlds´ leading sustainable investment and development companies for essential assets by 2030. Essential assets are those related to expanding or renovating the world’s low-carbon infrastructure. Sustainability has always been part of the company’s value system and we believe it’s critical to manage ESG criteria throughout the entire value chain and lifecycle. Sustainability criteria are considered in the development, construction, and operation of our Green Logistics projects.

Efficiency-oriented design criteria in Green Logistics by Aquila Group developments can include:

Rooftop specifically designed to accommodate the installation of extensive photovoltaic solar panels that can help reduce the energy consumption and avoid CO2 emissions, enabling alignment with global sustainability commitments

Use of materials with low a environmental impact

Implementation of circular economy measures in construction

Thermal insulation that reduces energy consumption in conditioned spaces

Sanitary hot water production systems using renewable technologies such as solar thermal panels or high-performance aerothermal heat pumps

Use of natural light inside buildings

Use of efficient lighting systems and the implementation of control systems for the reduction of energy consumption. Monitoring and control of energy consumption

Implementation of measures to reduce water consumption

The design and construction of the Green Logistics by Aquila Group projects under the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability allows to help the tenants comply with their ESG and CSR policies.

By implementing sustainable, energy-efficient building practices and allowing ESG criteria to guide the investments, Green Logistics by Aquila Group is not only helping to chart a new course for the ongoing development of the logistics sector towards improved sustainability, but also actively involved in meeting the challenge of Europe’s 2030 energy transition targets.


The exponential growth of the logistics real estate market also has an impact on local communities. As part of the local engagement activities to achieve a positive footprint in the territories where we are present, Green Logistics by Aquila Group has signed sponsorships with local sports teams, enhancing the values of sport and promoting good health and well-being.

Other initiatives aim to enhance community development. In this case, in Portugal, at our Rainha Green Logistics Park, we have granted the municipality 10 hectares of land and contributed to the construction of one of the two future roundabouts, thereby enhancing connectivity within the area.