Today’s logistics real estate market demands buildings with a modern and functional design based not only on architectural quality but also on energy efficiency. To meet this challenge, Green Logistics by Aquila Group offers an optimal solution to achieve both criteria, drawing on its considerable technical know-how and experience in sustainable assets management.

Sustainability lies at the heart of everything Green Logistics by Aquila Group does. All of the company’s projects are developed in the most effective, sustainable and energy-efficient way possible.

Efficiency-oriented design criteria in Green Logistics by Aquila Capital developments include:

Rooftop solar photovoltaic panels for all buildings to reduce the energy consumption of clients and avoid CO2 emissions, enabling alignment with global sustainability commitments

Use of materials with low a environmental impact

Implementation of circular economy measures in construction

Thermal insulation that reduces energy consumption in conditioned spaces

Sanitary hot water production systems using renewable technologies such as solar thermal panels or high-performance aerothermal heat pumps

Use of natural light inside buildings

Use of efficient lighting systems and the implementation of control systems for the reduction of energy consumption. Monitoring and control of energy consumption

Implementation of measures to reduce water consumption


Before offsetting, we first focus on reducing the carbon footprint caused by our projects by:

  1. Carrying out a detailed lifecycle analysis of the materials used, and considering all the processes involved including manufacturing, extraction, construction and treatment at the end of a project’s lifecycle.
  2. Promoting the use of sustainable construction procedures.
  3. Using materials from local sources.
  4. Using recycled materials.
  5. Reducing the amounts of construction waste.

Once we have estimated the total embodied carbon of an asset, we offset it by:

project image

Promoting renewable energy sources (solar photovoltaic plants) for assets in construction

project image

Investing in projects globally that will result in the avoidance of an equivalent amount of CO2 emissions

In addition, we offer our clients support in offsetting their operational carbon footprints through specialised companies within Aquila Group.

By offsetting carbon footprints, Green Logistics by Aquila Group contributes to the decarbonisation of the planet, compensating for the impact of the construction of warehouses and helping clients to achieve their sustainability goals.


We recognise the exponential growth of the logistics real estate market also has an impact on local communities. We are committed to establishing lasting relationships and providing support for and giving visibility to initiatives in the areas in which we operate.

By promoting and enabling the creation of sustainable value for society, we also contribute to the sustainability goals of the United Nations:

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
Sponsorship of the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 season, women’s basketball team Club Baloncesto Qalat. Seville, Spain.