Green Logistics by Aquila Capital investments comprise a diversified portfolio of modern logistics real estate assets built and operated in strategic locations to the highest standards of energy efficiency and environmental protection.


Green Logistics by Aquila Capital has a strong presence in Southern Europe, where the company already manages more than 695,000 m2 in Spain, with logistic parks under development in Illescas (Toledo), Malaga and Seville.

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Illescas Green Logistics Park

Land: 472,877 m²
Lettable Area: 15,000 -120,000 m²
Availability: 214,537 m²
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Sevilla Green Logistics Park

Land: 150,215 m²
Lettable Area: 84,926 m²
Availability: 84,926 m²
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Malaga Green Logistics Park

Land: 74,600 m²
Lettable Area: 42,394.13 m²
Availability: 42,394.13 m²
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Green Logistics by Aquila Capital is expanding its presence in the Italian market, with its projects in the areas of Tortona and Rome.

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Sacco Green Logistics Park

Land: 67,135 m²
Lettable Area: 32,785 m²
Availability: 32,785 m²
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Tortona Green Logistics Park

Land: 394,750 m²
Lettable Area: 101,640 m²
Availability: 101,640 m²
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Rainha Green Logistics Park

Rainha Green Logistics Park is modern and sustainable logistics development of 112,000 sqm in Azambuja, Portugal in the core logistics market of Lisbon.

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