Aquila Capital and MacSped inaugurate the first warehouse of Tortona Green Logistics Park together with GSE

3 November, 2022
  • Head Investment Management Logistics Aquila Capital, Omar Zamarotto General Manager MacSped, Valentino Chiarparin, Country Manager of GSE Italia and Antonio Guarascio, Head of Confluence inaugurated this morning the 51,600 square metre warehouse, which will employ more than 160 people from MacSped and has involved an investment of around 40 million euros
  • The state-of-the-art warehouse was built following high sustainability and energy efficiency standards

Green Logistics by Aquila Capital, the logistic business of Aquila Capital, and MacSped, a courier/shipping company based in the Alessandria area, together with GSE, construction company operating as a general contractor, were the protagonists at the inauguration ceremony of the first warehouse built by Green Logistics by Aquila Capital in its logistic site Tortona Green Logistics Park. 

The Green Logistics by Aquila Capital project was finalized in September and already closed its first tenant, the fast-growing courier/shipper MacSped, which deals with shipments in Italy and worldwide.

The inaugural event was attended by the mayor of Tortona, Federico Chiodi, Jens Höper, Head Investment Management Logistics Aquila Capital, Omar Zamarotto General Director of MacSped, Valentino Chiarparin, Country Manager of GSE Italia and Antonio Guarascio, Head of Confluence.

The attending guests had the opportunity to visit the 51,600-square-metre warehouse, which represents the conclusion of the first phase of construction of the Tortona Green Logistics Park, a 395,000sqm logistics hub. This is the first of two buildings with a usable commercial area of about 155,000 square metres. The event concluded with a formal “ribbon-cutting ceremony” by the Mayor of Tortona and the directors of the companies.

Federico Chiodi, mayor of Tortona stated: “The Municipal Administration cannot but look back on this day with satisfaction,” said Mayor Federico Chiodi. “What we particularly believe is in the interest of the City of Tortona can be summed up in three important advantages that the activity we are inaugurating today brings to our territory. The first, most obvious, is a step towards further economic development in a sector, that of Logistics, which is very important for us since it represents the main driver of the economy of Tortona and the Tortona area. The second element is employment: we are deeply convinced that today the priority of any public administration must be to favour new job opportunities. Employment is the only possible answer to counter the socio-economic crisis that we have been going through for years and that, as we know, has worsened further in recent years. Third, but no less important, is the environmental aspect: that term ‘green’ which the new logistics park also bears in its name and which we would like to see as a guarantee of truly sustainable development even in the logistics sector, which is often considered far removed from the environmental issues that are now a source of real attention by those who have the responsibility of administering, even at the local level“.

Like all Aquila Capital’s logistics projects, the Tortona Green Logistics Park was developed by applying high energy efficiency and sustainability standards, which are sought both in the supply chain and in construction activities to reduce CO2 emissions. This includes LEED GOLD certification, which validates compliance with sustainability standards in terms of energy and water savings, CO2 emissions, materials, interior ecological quality, and construction site.

Jens Höper, Head Investment Management Logistics of Aquila Capital commented: “The inauguration of the first warehouse represents a further step of Aquila Capital’s Green Logistics strategy in Italy, confirming our commitment to expand our position in the Italian logistics market by benefiting from the expertise of our partners in the area, but also by bringing in our know-how gained from projects already active in Germany, Spain and Portugal”.

Omar Zamarotto, General Manager of MacSped added: “We are pleased to have found a reliable partner like Aquila Capital, with their proven experience in developing logistics hubs and a strong focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. Aquila Capital has provided us with an efficient as well as sustainable warehouse, where we are relocating all our courier activity, which will also allow us to intensify our logistics activities (goods preparation, storage, unloading)”.

Valentino Chiarparin, Country Manager of GSE Italia, commented: “We are extremely pleased to inaugurate this warehouse today with Aquila Capital, and to have accompanied them, together with Confluence, in the realization of this first project in Italy, with high added value for the territory and the local community. Thanks to Aquila Capital for the trust placed in us, the municipal administration and all the consultants involved for their indispensable contribution to the completion of the operation“.

The project is located in the municipality of Tortona in a key position due to its proximity to the A7 and A21 motorways, which offer excellent connections to Milan, Genoa and Turin.